Support: always there

If it's just a bit of guidance on how to cope with what you're going through, Eos is there for you practically all the time.

If your mood is low, we maintain a carefully curated list of suggestions for activities to do, which we'll present as appropriate, and we keep links with other helpful websites which we might recommend at times to help you get on the right track.

We're with you every step of the way to good mental health.

However, Eos is not a substitute for qualified support. The app is designed to complement your existing support. If you need help from another person, or you need help urgently, please contact a hotline, your local health service, or someone else who can help. (You can use the app even if you aren't under the care of a health professional, but please don't think it's a comprehensive care package - it's not! We also cannot provide medical advice.)

Tracking: data, for better care

Whenever you use Eos by recording your mood (or, as we call it, 'logging your mood'), we store that data in your personal profile. This data is stored locally on your device (you can export/import if you need to back it up or change devices), and Eos works completely offline, so we can't share your data with anyone else; we don't have it!

Displayed in an easy-to-understand graphical format, we take notice of the times that you've felt good or bad, and average this data out to get an idea of your mood over time. With this, you can use it to identify patterns in your mood; maybe you're always feeling down particularly on a Tuesday, so it's worth looking into what you do on Tuesday that's got you down? Or perhaps you suffer from a Seasonally Affective Disorder, and you're always low in November / December?

Eos mood tracking is here to lift the burden of cataloging when you're low, so you can focus on what matters: using your coping strategies as soon as possible!

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